Performance is about re-use. Performance is about control. And performance is a mindsetting:

Open Source is the source

The world of open source provides countless gems that can form the basis of your solution. However, the sheer amount of existing code is confusing, and it is hard to tell the good parts from the bad parts.

Active in open-source-based software development since the early 1990s, we deliver the performance that it takes to efficiently guide you through research, adaptation and integration of open source software for your specific purposes

Controlling Performance

With large development teams continuously committing to a complex project, continuous monitoring is the key to detect performance issues before they become expensive.

With vast experience in test, automation and continuous integration, we can support your agile processes.

Performance as a mindsetting

As true believers in performance, also our guiding work principles are driven by performance:

  • Dependability (wrt schedules, features, cost)
  • Efficiency (in research, prototyping, implementation)
  • Flexibility to adapt to change
  • Quality in code and documentation

We're used to working in large teams and we do appreciate an international environment.

And... who are "we"?